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※ Please see the NEXPERIENCE Website( Privacy Policy for details on the personal information's collect and use 1. What and How Personal Information We Collect (1) Information We Collect Name or Company Name, e-mail □ Refusal of Consent and Disadvantages - You have the right to refuse your consent for any data collection of information. however, your refusal will restrict our ability to answer your inquiries. (2) How We Collect Information □ The Company collects personal information through the following means: - “Contact us” menu on its website. 2. The Purpose for Collecting and Using Personal Information □ The Company uses the collected information for the following purposes: - To respond to and manage customer inquiries, reports on wrongful practices The company is also able to provide feedback on and manage company-related inquiries 3. Retention Period of Personal Information The Company disposes of personal information as soon as it is no longer required to fulfill the purposes of collecting and using the information.