The VR content platform based on a motion simulator

We provide a variety of solutions connecting users to reality to implement VR content effectively.
Through it, we connect users to diverse VR content in our platform and, add value to your business.
Our goal is to give more people, more ways to enjoy VR content.

"Connecting the Next Experience"


  • Open your world to new experiences with VR.
    From the remote corners of our world to the outer
    reaches of space, your imagination becomes reality.

  • NEXPERIENCE connects the head mounted display (HMD)
    and VR content to create the best VR environment
    for experiencing a whole new world.

  • Connecting VR to Reality. Connecting VR to Users.
    NEXPERIENCE is the start of the NEXT EXPERIENCE.


NEXPERIENCE is a platform where content providers, stores, and users come together.
Content providers can upload their VR content, and users can enjoy the desired content in stores.
Profit generated goes to the content providers and stores through the NEXPERIENCE.