• Optimized mechanical VR shooting

    A large, optimized mechanical VR simulator with a robotic motion system
    aided arm controller for an authentic shooting experience.

  • Sophisticated shooting controls

    The control area extends from the hand to the arm,
    creating a targeting line that enables sophisticated shooting controls.

  • Strong recoil feedback

    The NEX-BOT's arm controller maximizes all aspects of
    the mechanical environment like gun shots, cannon launch, and target hits
    by enhancing the recoil feedback of shooting experience.


  • Real-time wire control

    A range of sensory simulations maximize
    the gravity and wind effects to the fullest

  • Real-time interaction

    Tight integration of content and control system
    for user-driven game play

  • HMD application

    Enhanced engagement
    through various VR content application

  • Effect module

    Realistic wind and sound effects work together
    to create a pure sense of speed


  • Immersive dome

    Deliver a more comfortable,
    more immersive experience compared to HMD

  • 3D Display image realization

    Maximize VR effectiveness by using 3D shutter glasses

  • Various content

    Photorealistic 2D Content,
    3D Computer Graphics Content, Game Content

  • VR Platform

    Possible platform for VR Display interaction,
    NEXPERIENCE and Interactive VR