The best VR system for the NEXT EXPERIENCE

Offering the ultimate VR experience by combining the best of HMD, VR content and motion simulator.
NEXPERIENCE blurs the lines between virtual and reality by giving users a wide selection of VR content.


Sophisticated and dynamic
Motorized 3-axis motion system

Based on aviation flight simulators for a truly sophisticated and refined motion simulation.
Dynamic heave, roll, and pitch controls for a complete 3-axis
implementation of the speed and motion of the VR content.

Additional effects
To maximize the VR experience

Additional effects are automatically implemented according to the movements
and events of the VR content to maximize the user experience.
Realistic wind, vibration, and surround sound effects for a dynamic real world experience.
Light effects that change with the content events for an immersive viewing experience.

Stylish Design,
Robust structure

Step into the unique polygonal NEXPERIENCE simulator
and feel true VR for the first time.
Like the multi-faceted polygon, multiple sets of VR environment
and content combinations are possible.
Regardless of your height, the boarding stairs make disembarking easy
and spacious environment has comfortable seating
and safety bars for 2.5 riders.
It has received safety certification from various countries,
including South Korea, the United States, and Europe.


This service is available to the stores that have purchased the NEXPERIENCE products,
and to the content providers that produce VR content for the NEXPERIENCE products.
Content play point purchase and usage history, VR content update, revenue settlement, and store management
within the Store Management System and the Content Management System are linked to the network in real-time.